• How to Have a Girl

    Couples have been trying to find a way to choose the sex of their baby for practically as long as they have been trying to have babies. There have been many methods tried, some based on ovulation, some on superstition and some on the lifespan of sperm and the menstrual cycle. Couples trying to have a baby and want that child to be a girl can try the following methods and hopefully see pink in their future.

    How to Use the Shettles Method to Conceive a Girl

    In order to influence the sex of a baby, it is good to understand how gender selection works. Gender is determined by the genetic makeup of the child. Each parent contributes one half of that genetic makeup, either an X or a chromosome. Girls are XX and boys are XY. Mothers can contribute an X, while fathers contribute an X or a Y. This means that the father is responsible for determining the sex of the child.

    The Shettles Method was developed by Dr. Landrum Shettles and is used to help influence the sex of the child, particularly for those wanting to conceive a girl. According to Dr. Shettles, Y sperm die quicker than X sperm and so it is advantageous to have as many X sperm near the egg at the time the sperm reaches the ovum. Basically, this requires the X sperm to be implanted when the egg is released.

    In order to use the Shettles Methods, the woman must chart their menstrual cycle using basal body temperature (BBT) charts, an ovulation calendar, or an ovulation calculator. The goal is to get as close as possible to the day that the egg will be released. Using the BBT chart or ovulation calendar for an extended period of time will produce more accurate results.

    Once the day of ovulation is determined, couples put the plan into practice. After the menstrual cycle ends, couples have sex at least once daily without using any protection. During sex, couples should use positions that are thought to put the sperm near the entrance to the vagina rather than deep inside. This forces the sperm to swim further and thus cause the Y sperm to die and the X sperm to make it to the egg. The missionary position is considered an ideal position for conceiving a girl…

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  • The Many Methods to Conceive a Girl

    When it comes to having a baby you want everything to go smoothly especially when it comes to conceiving the dream sex of your child. Many people choose to have girls over boys for numerous reasons so surely there must be a way in your body clock to make it easier for you to have a part in the choosing of your baby’s sex.

    Many women seek to look at ovulation calendars; these tell women when the best time during their ovulation period it is for them to have sex for a better likelihood of conceiving a girl. This can be very useful however, also very organised when it comes to having sex which may cause problems. Another method that is recommended is by looking up the different diets available to women who wish to conceive girls. If you want a girl it is recommended that you eat acidic foods only and avoid foods that contain alkali. It is also stated that the mother should avoid all food or drink that contains caffeine.

    Other women decide to look to shettles method in order to conceive a girl. This also tells women when the best time to have sex in order to conceive a girl is. It states that timing for a girl can be troublesome. By partaking in intercourse too early in the ovulation cycle will not cause pregnancy to take place, however, intercourse too close to the ovulation of a woman is more likely to cause a boy being conceived. Books can be purchased off amazon, which go into a lot of detail into what the shettles method actually is and how to stick by it in order to conceive the perfect sex of your child. Through research it has been reported that seventy five percent who use this method got the outcome they desired.

    An ovulation calculator can also be used to allow you to conceive a girl. You simply have to enter in your first day of your menstrual period, the length of the cycle, the desired sex of your chosen baby (in this case a girl) and then select how long you want it to show you your most fertile days. The calculator will then plan for you your most fertile days to your least in each month. This shows you when it is best to conceive a baby and when if your period does not start you should consider buying a pregnancy test…

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  • Strategies on How to Conceive a Girl

    Some couples who actually plan to have a baby rather than allow the blessed event to occur “naturally” may also attempt to figuring out how to conceive a girl through various means, including ovulation calendars, ovulation calculators, diet changes, or changes in sexual habits. The Shettles method has also become popular over the last couple of decades.

    The calendars, calculators and Shettles Method all work based on certain biological events the female body experiences prior to conception.

    Time of ovulation is a key element for conceiving a girl: girls are more likely to be conceived if the parents have sex 2-3 days BEFORE ovulation. This is due to a couple of important facts about human sperm:

    · The weaker Y chromosomal sperm (aka Boy Sperm) swims faster toward the egg and dies because the egg is not ready.

    · The stronger X chromosomal sperm (aka Girl Sperm) swims slower toward the egg and arrives in time to attach to the now fertilized egg.

    The popular Shettles Method incorporates other ways to measure when the female’s body is ready to conceive a girl. A woman who wants to assure that she has sex 2-3 days prior to ovulations will use these charted indicators to know when her body is ready:

    · Charting her cervical mucus: Just before ovulation a woman’s cervical mucus will be thin and watery; much like an egg white. To assure her information is accurate she should chart for a couple of months.

    · Charting her basal body temperature: Before getting out of bed in the morning and before any activity at all, she should take her basal temperature using a basal thermometer. A spike in temperature usually occurs just prior to ovulation.

    · Use an Ovulation Prediction Kit: This kit help predict when the Luteinizing hormone (LH) is surging in a woman’s body. LH is a precursor to ovulation that usually occurs within 24 hours after the surge.
    Couples who want to work toward the goal of having a girl should use all three components of the Shettles Method to increase the likelihood of success. Future parents can find helpful charts online…

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  • Using the Shettles Method to Conceive a Girl

    There are some theories about how to conceive a girl from proper diet and exercise to the Chinese lunar calendar. This article will focus on one of the most well-known and contemporary theories called the Shettles Method. If you are hoping to conceive a baby girl, whip out the ovulation calculator and ovulation calendar, because you are going to need them, according to Dr. Shettles.

    Dr. Landum Brewer Shettles was an in vitro fertilization researcher at Columbia University. He developed his famous method for helping to determine the sex of ones infant in the late 1960s, and published his book How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby in 1971 with his coauthor David Rorvik. They proposed that a couple can affect the outcome of conception based on differences between the X and Y chromosomes by employing the Shettles Method.

    When considering how to conceive a girl with the Shettles Method, first examine the difference between the Y (male) and X (female) chromosomes present in the male sperm cells. All eggs are X chromosomes. An XX equals a girl and an XY a boy. According to Shettle, the Y chromosomes are faster and smaller than their counterparts, but they tend to die much faster in the acidic environment of the cervix. Conversely, X chromosomes present in the male sperm are slower and larger, but more able to withstand high levels of acidity.

    Based on the Shettles Method, it is possible to time intercourse using an ovulation calendar or ovulation calculator, in order to increase chances of conceiving a girl. Unfortunately for the ladies, it would seem conceiving a girl is a much more serious business than the other option. This is how to conceive a girl:…

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  • Different Methods To Conceive a Girl

    Congratulations….You have decided to have a baby. Now the hard part… How to conceive a girl?

    The age-old question has always been how to control the sex of your baby. Generations have pondered that theory and some have even come up with a logical way. The Shettles method offers a more sensible theory that has been shown to work. Learning how to conceive a girl or boy is not rocket science. But you will need a good knowledge of your ovulation calendar.

    The basic idea behind controlling the sex of you unborn baby is pretty simple actually. Science has determined that the X chromosome is responsible for creating a girl baby. This chromosome is a slow and long-lived chromosome. Which means that it will last longer than the Y chromosome which develops into boy babies. The Y chromosome will withstand the acidity of the vagina better than the X chromosome. This helps to decide the best time to have sexual intercourse. Since the Y chromosome will last longer and withstand the vaginal environment better measuring how to conceive a girl is easier.

    The best way to start is to use a ovulation calculator to figure out when the high points of your ovulation are at work. Since you have decided to conceive a girl the best time to have sexual intercourse is a few days before you ovulate. The Y chromosome will live longer in the vaginal environment and be able to join with an egg before the X chromosome does.

    Learning how to conceive a girl can be better processed when you know the full cycle of your ovulation. Using an ovulation calendar can help greatly with this process. You will need to avoid having sexual intercourse when you are the most fertile. This can be identified by an egg white discharge from you vagina. At the height of your ovulation it will be easier for a male sperm to join with an egg. You will want to make sure that your vaginal environment will allow a more resilient female sperm to fertilize the egg…

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