How to Conceive a Girl - is This the Answer?

How to Conceive a Girl

While, of course, you’d just love to have a healthy baby – some people are secretly wondering how to conceive a girl. What if you could decide and control whether your child was a boy or girl?

Couples who have followed this program have experienced a 94% success rate in their chosen gender outcomes!!

As a former midwife, Alicia Pennington was able to learn firsthand the techniques that worked and those that didn’t when it came to couples working to control the gender outcomes of their children. Today, she is able to share what she’s learned with couples from around the world.

Some of her learnings include the following factors which can affect the sex of your child:
• Diet
• Lifestyle and stress level
• Sexual positions
• Working with your ovulation cycle to determine the ideal points to attempt conception
• Abstinence or frequency of sexual intercourse

To learn more about the proven methods for how to conceive a girl read more about her book, “Prince or Princess – Steps Toward Choosing your Baby’s Gender Prior to Conception.”

With over a 94% success rate, what do you have to lose?

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